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NTSC ident ??

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:32 pm
by g8lce
Just setup my TX to get 4MHz bandwidth as best I could using SDR and SDRAngel. Then I setup my Comtech RX to give a reasonable signal on the scope. It is about 200mv so I will put a video amp inline sometime. I have done the two mods to the contech to improve the rx signal and the streamer works much better now.

Still mystified about the repeater output. The AXIS video to Internet device will work in either PAL or NTSC. When I TX PAL I monitor the return signal on a small monitor and it says my signal is PAL. When the repeater idents come on the monitor switches to NTSC decoding!!

I also find that the repeater output frame rolls my signal if I TX while the idents are up as if it is stuck in NTSC mode until it drops carrier. ... ebbbe9c3b5