iBase Si38 computer for amateur radio use

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iBase Si38 computer for amateur radio use

Post by g8lce » Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:02 am

I have been using a few of these computers for various things.
Navigation computer on a boat.
Astronomical computer in remote observatory for controlling telescope etc. and controlling cameras.
Controlling a Pluto or Lime via DATV Express etc.
Minitioune Receiver.

So why?
They are cheap £30 off Ebay or less.
They run off 12volts
They can be controlled remotely via Windows Remote Desktop or/and TighVNC etc.
They run Windows 10 Pro.
They have two USB 3 ports.
They will run two monitors but I use the monitor for setup only (apart from the navigation computer.
iBase Si38.jpg
The power supply is a 4 pin connector but I usually replace it with a wired supply to a connector of choice. It can take up to 7 Amps.
To load Windows 10 pro 64bit you will need a USB DVD drive but a USB stick may work.
I find that a converter from DVI to VGA is useful when using old monitors.
Once Windows 10 Pro is loaded and working enable Remote Desktop from the System menu.
Download and run TightVNC and set it up. This gives you two ways to remote to the computer.
Select power to always on to stop the computer from sleeping.

If you need help email me

Martin G8LCE

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