hi from plymouth

5.6GHZ ATV equipment, news etc.
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hi from plymouth

Post by g6urm » Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:17 am

hi - thanks for the add - um - well am working on getting a twin antenna system sorted - should be done by spring - waiting on a 2 w amp etc from china - problem is - no one to test with round here - but would like to try the system into Falmouth some time - maybe from the berry head coastguard station area - if I can persuade my friend to take me there for the day - as I no longer drive - and it might take a while to get there on a mobility scooter and trailer .lol

its a pity more are not into this stuff down here - as its simple - cheap ish - and gives good results - what is it now 195 miles as the record in the uk ?? - I certainly think that some interesting paths exist along the south coast - say to the IOW ?? - and having had experience of tv repeaters et al with GB3WV when at prince town - I was pondering ………………….. - but first things first - so to this end i'm knocking up a spare set of kit as well for testing - / a beacon ……….. more when its progressed a bit

regards - brett - G6URM

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Re: hi from plymouth

Post by g8lce » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:00 pm

Hi Brett,

I did n't see you post until today! I hope you have had time to get your 5.6GHz ATV system to work. We have been having 'fun' with GB3NQ and ATV/DATV down here.
I have the 2W amp but it does seem to cause a few problems with power use. I find that it easily gets mains hum from cheap power supplies. If you do more DATV etc. you will find the SMA connectors can become a problem due to the male and female types and all the different ones. I thought BNC's and TNC's were difficult enough!
DATV has become easier too with things like the Pluto and Lime mini. Still need someone at the other end though.
My 5.6GHz RX on the roof has lost it's 12volt feed so is not working. It is on the long list of jobs but like where you are there is not much activity on 5.6GHz apart from the odd drone flying by.

Martin G8LCE

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